Supply status:

Overall, we are experiencing satisfactory product flow, and we are in close contact with our suppliers about this. But still there is a risk that many suppliers and their production could be affected – either by infection and/or quarantine. Strict border control and closed borders could also affect transportation of goods. We will update you here on the general development regarding this. 

Here is today’s status:

Supply is good.

Building supplies and construction panels
Etex have delivery issues for Equitone [tectiva], Equitone [linea], Cedral Board, Cedral Click og Promatec H.
Supply is good.

Doors and windows
There is a possibility Nordic Door will have delivery issues.
But in general, good supply. 

Demanding situation with supply problems for protective gear.
Stanley Black & Decker reports that there might be longer lead time from factories and distribution units due to stricter border control and closed borders. 

ITW Construction Products will ITW get supply problems on following products: 
•    Papirbåndet maskinspiker, varmgalvanisert, rustfri og syrefast
•    Plastbåndet maskinspiker, alle typer  
•    GN båndet spiker
•    IN båndet spiker

Paint, adhesives and sealants 
Sika has delayed delivery for Casco Progun and Casco Smeltelim.
Orkla cannot deliver protective gear as disposable gloves and dust masks.
Otherwise good product supply.

Kitchen, wardrobe and bathroom
Supply is good.

Supply is good.


Lokal produksjon

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